'American Idol' contestant Casey Abrams cut his hair, trimmed his bead and offered up one hell of a rebound performance this week during Elton John week. After two sub-par weeks of performances -- namely last week, where he ended up being last in the voting and stealing the season's only save from the judges -- Abrams proved that he was worth the save and the judge's faith with his lilting rendition of 'Your Song.'

Abrams' attempted Nirvana and Marvin Gaye to screechy, almost non-listenable results over the past two weeks. This week, he changed it up as he sat perched atop a stool and merged with the lyrics and the melody of the song.

His rendition of 'Your Song' was a simple, spare and beautiful performance that should eradicate any doubts that Abrams deserved to be here. There was no drama and no over-the-top-ness. Just solid, stable, serene singing. If you were scratching your head over the judge's decision last week, Abrams' performance this evening should scratch that itch permanently.

However, Abrams' save means that two contestants will be voted off tomorrow during the results show. Hopefully, he won't have to deal with the gut-wrenching elimination for the second time in a row. From the sound of his performance tonight, we doubt he will.

Watch Casey Abrams Perform 'Your Song'