Casey Abrams, the stand up bass-playing, bearded and bushy-haired Seth Rogen lookalike called "sexy" by Jennifer Lopez on 'American Idol,' was hospitalized, missing Thursday night's show. This was the second time that Abrams has been admitted to the hospital during the course of the competition.

During the show's opening, host Ryan Seacrest said, "You'll notice that Casey is missing from the group. He is unfortunately sick and in the hospital right now. We know you're watching buddy, feel better – shout out to the nurses. Get back here soon, okay?"

So what was wrong with Abrams?

Well, a source from The Hollywood Reporter claims that Abrams, who blew the roof off his rendition of Joe Cocker's version of 'With a Little Help From My Friends' on Wednesday night, had two blood transfusions to treat ulcerative colitis, which is an inflammatory condition of the bowels that affects the lining of the large intestine.

Abrams, 19, himself took to Twitter to talk to fans, posting the following Tweet: "hey guys, thanks for the well wishes, I got some nice fresh blood in me and feeling better. People at Idol & Cedars are treatin me real good."

An 'Idol' spokesperson tells MTV that no further details are available on Abrams' condition.

Get better soon, Casey. We're all pulling for you.