'American Idol' contestant Casey Abrams may have been battling health issues during the heat of the competition, but the shaggy haired and bushy bearded singer and multi-instrumentalist keeps his spirits and sense of humor up.

Judge Jennifer Lopez referred to Abrams as "sexy," but he only has eyes, er, compliments for Randy Jackson. In a quick chat with Showbiz Shelly, Abrams says, "Randy is definitely the sexiest -- the way he plays that bass and is all 'Dawg!'"

Abrams, who jokes that he plays "a hundred billion instruments," says that he will not be shaving his signature facial hair off unless he is in a sentimental mood. He acknowledged that his current hairy style is "kinda 'look at me'" and he's right. His furry face does stand out amidst sea of clean-cut dudes and pretty girls that comprise his competition.

Standing out is Abrams' strongest suit. He says that his strategy is to "be different, have versatility ... I have to show them a different genre every once in a while, not just bluesy jazz. Maybe do some jazzy blues polka or some polka Indian music."

Something tells us that Abrams could probably pull off jazzy blues polka or polka Indian music or some variation of all of the above with ease.