'American Idol' contestant Creighton Fraker is not your typical pop star. This street performer from New York City with Elton John flair is a little left of center -- and that's why we love him.

To kick off his audition on 'American Idol,' Fraker performed an original song he wrote on the nine-hour bus ride to Pittsburgh from the Big Apple. We're going to call this selection, 'The Next American Idol,' as it wasn't a complete song, though it did include some pretty impressive scatting. The judges finally asked him to sing something with a beginning, middle and end and he launched into a funky version of the Jackson 5's 'Who's Loving You.'

We have never heard anything like Mr. Fraker and, we must admit, we're loving it! Isn't that the whole point of talent competitions like this? The judges' assessment of Fraker was positive, and their comparison of him to a combination between Jamiroquai and Justin Timberlake was spot on, but he was still completely his own.

Steven Tyler finally gave him the third 'yes,' and told Creighton, "Write some stuff on the way to Hollywood." We hope he writes stuff all the way to the final two. We love this dude!

Watch Creighton Fraker Perform an Original Song on 'American Idol'