Unassuming and really good-looking 'American Idol' hopeful Ethan Jones comes from a musical background. His father is a member of one of the biggest bands in the Midwest -- he didn’t say which -- and he was raised on country music. Jones has had to deal with a bit of a struggle recently, since his dad has entered rehab for substance abuse issues. That isn't slowing his son down, though.

Jones, 22, showed up at the St. Louis 'American Idol' auditions for Season 11 with a cut above his eyebrow -- his nervous jitters caused him to scratch his face by accident -- and revealing that he dropped out of school to be a full-time musician.

When he opened his mouth to sing 'I'll Be' by Edwin McCain, we were instantly moved. His tone was beautiful and he sounded nothing like he looked. Given his country background, he didn't go country. He sang a pop ballad, which was a nice surprise.

With his beachy good looks and his amazing voice, Ethan Jones could be a serious 'American Idol' contender. It was touching when he called his dad post-audition to tell him how he did.

Watch Ethan Jones Perform 'I'll Be' on 'American Idol'