Finally! Last Thursday's episode of 'American Idol' spotlighted ambulances and montages of nervous contestants throwing up in trash cans, but this week the singing is back. Seconds after disjointed and dramatic girl group the Bettys offered up an over-soloing train wreck, the group Groovesauce "set the bar" at Wednesday's group day, according to Randy Jackson.

Boasting members Reed Grimm, Jen HirshCreighton Fraker and Aaron Marcellus, Groovesauce brought killer harmonies and super high energy with their rendition of Sam & Dave's 'Hold On, I'm Comin.' Honestly, you would never have a clue that this group formed just the night before.

After every group member had their chance to spotlight their solo vocal stylings, the whole gang did an a cappella break down in the middle of the song, sticking their notes and even (imagine this!) smiling. The judges were getting into it, with Jennifer Lopez dancing along and the others just beaming. Even the audience stood and clapped along, offering up a standing ovation at the end.

"Now that’s how you do it!" Jackson gushed, obviously thankful to see a group that accomplished more than just not barfing or passing out. "Amazing! Nice harmonies!" Even Steven Tyler was quick to offer his praise, pointing out the fact that they got a standing ovation and concluding “So, so well done." After Lopez made a lesson to the other contestants, explaining how the group had a solid backing while giving each member a time to shine, Jackson declared that the bar for the day had officially been set.

What's more incredible is the fact that the members of Groovesauce looked like they were having fun and actually enjoying being together, while other groups have looked haggard, frazzled and just plain sick (and sick of one another).

With a performance like that, the whole group made it on to the next round. And, hey, if they get cut from 'Idol' in the end, they've already got a killer a cappella group for the next season of 'The Sing Off.'

Watch Groovesauce Perform 'Hold On, I'm Comin'' on 'American Idol'