Lauren Mink is a cutie, but we're don't think the judges were feeling her performance of Heart's 'Alone.' The judges did not look impressed as Mink sang and Jennifer Lopez pointed out to Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler that she switched keys halfway through the song. Yikes, this may not end well.

Jeremy Rosado, on the other hand, is an effervescent guy who just happens to work at the front desk of a doctor's office. But it's not just any office, it's an infectious disease doctor's office -- and Rosado is a self-admitted germaphobe. We're hoping Rosado advances far in this competition, for his own sake!

The polar opposite of Mink's audition, Rosado gave Lopez the goosebumps. His rendition of Luther Vandross' 'Superstar' was as good as if Vandross himself were up there!

On Thursday night, the fates of both Rosado and Mink were revealed. Rosado jumped for joy as he advanced to the next round, but Mink wasn't as lucky. Along with Ethan Jones (remember he sang Edwin McCain's 'I'll Be' during the auditions?), Ms. Mink's dream of 'American Idol' glory were crushed as they were sent home, both thankful for making it as far as they did.

Watch Lauren Mink and Jeremy Rosado Perform on 'American Idol'