For the first time ever, the 'American Idol' judges decided who to send home. After viewers cast their votes, the judges decided who to save and who to send packing when it came down to the bottom boy and the bottom girl. At that moment, the judges elected to send Jeremy Rosado home.

It came down to the final four of the aforementioned Rosado, Jermaine Jones, Shannon Magrane and Elise Testone. The boys turned in decent enough performances, so it was just a case of the viewers not loving them since the talent pool is still so large at this point. Magrane and Testone floundered from nerves and the wrong song choice, respectively.

The bottom two were narrowed down to J. Ro and Testone. Jennifer Lopez was vocal about how much she loves Rosado, who is a desk clerk at an infectious disease clinic. She chose him as her wild card, so it was probably extra difficult for her to send him home in favor of Elise, who is more of a vocal acrobat and likely to go further in this competition.

So it's the end of the line for J. Lo's favorite J. Ro. And then there were 12...