Jessica Sanchez may be the youngest person in this season of 'American Idol,' but she sure as heck isn't at any kind of a disadvantage from her lack of years. The 16-year-old San Diego native brought her powerhouse diva vocals to the 'Idol' stage tonight, and she did it all with the ease and poise of a pro. Before her moment in the spotlight, Sanchez talked about her giant Filipino family back in California, saying they like to all make Filipino food and watch the show together.

Sitting in with celebrity mentors Jimmy Iovine and Akon, Sanchez got some of the biggest props of the night, with Iovine raving “That voice can move anybody!” Then he told Sanchez a little story about how he and Akon were working together when 'Idol' was down to the Top 13, and Akon pinpointed Sanchez as his pick for winner, saying, "She's the one."

“I knew like from day one," Akon told  Sanchez, urging that she will be a legend one day. “I believe it," he said. "I really do.”

When the lights went up for Sanchez' song, the young talent brought the Jazmine Sullivan song 'Stuttering' to the stage, though she was anything but. With the grace of some of the best female voices in recent history, she sat atop the piano in super high heels, black leggings and a tailored sparkling jacket.

“So listen ... Let me say this first," Randy Jackson began. “What you did tonight to me is you set the bar really high.” Pointing to Sanchez' ability to even create a beautiful arrangement of an extremely difficult song, Jackson called the performance superb to the highest degree, adding, “To me right now, you slayed the biggest fish of the night.” The other judges readily agreed, with Steven Tyler echoing Jackson with, "Every time I hear you sing I forget where I am. You slay it every time."

Watch Jessica Sanchez Perform 'Stuttering' on 'American Idol'