… And boy, do we believe him. Johnny Keyser, 22, waltzed into the judge's room on tonight's 'American Idol' with a big dream and an even bigger voice, and walked out with a golden ticket after delivering a jaw-dropping rendition of the Sam Cooke classic, 'A Change Is Gonna Come.'

In his pre-audition slot, Johnny shared that he loves his dad, wakeboarding and winning signing contests, apparently. When asked what he does for a living, the Pompano Beach, Fla. native shrugged and told viewers that he works at an Italian restaurant -- a fact which the judges promised will soon change, as he's on the path to stardom.

When he started into 'A Change Is Gonna Come,' he didn't get cut off within 30 seconds like most hopefuls, rather Johnny was urged (okay, forced) to finish out the song, and he certainly didn't miss a note. America, we've found our next 'Idol'!

Jennifer Lopez told the contestant, "You're gonna be a star," while Randy stuck to his usual Randy-isms, shouting "Johnny's in the house!" with rocker Steven Tyler. As if there was any question, Johnny Keyser practically floated off to Hollywood, and we're hoping we'll see more of his smooth and soulful vocals soon.

Watch Johnny Keyser Perform 'A Change Is Gonna Come' on 'American Idol'