Now that it has been officially announced that Nicki Minaj will be joining 'American Idol' as its newest judge, we thought talk about the singing reality show would die down a bit. But boy, were we so wrong.

We never could have imagined that Minaj's addictive personality would be much of an issue, but insiders at 'Idol' say that she and fellow judge, diva Mariah Carey, have been going at it quite a bit -- and not in the hilarious and fun girl fight kind of way.

The first taping of the show began in New York over the weekend, and the divatudes were flying all over the place. Sources said that whenever Minaj would open her mouth to give a critique, Carey would interrupt her and talk over her. But it didn't happen just once! Apparently, Carey loves to talk and talk and talk because the singer interrupted Minaj multiple times!

Minaj and Carey have been trying to hide their distaste for one another, but they're obviously not doing a very good job. Apparently, Carey even hung up the phone on the show's producers after they called to let her know Minaj would be joining the show.

Oh no she didn't!

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