Lauren Gray is a southern-bred lady, the kind of girl who's close to her family and keeps business in the blood... When she's not performing in her dad's band, that is. Gray made her 'American Idol' debut in St. Louis on Thursday with yet another Adele cover, though her performance was anything but run-of-the-mill.

Many before her have tried their hand at Adele renditions, and Lauren tried again with Adele's 'One and Only.' She was great, and while not amazing, she is certainly Hollywood material and will soon learn a thing or two that will help her get where she needs to be vocally.

The self-proclaimed "daddy's girl" took the stage in front of Jennifer, Randy and Steven, hoping that they'd give the approval she needs to live out both hers and her father's dreams. The 22-year-old Hardy, Ark. native laid it all on the line, which Steven Tyler was more than impressed by.

"I love the way that you go up there and you're fearless about it," Tyler told her, adding that the way she laid it down was "the sexiest thing on the planet." J. Lo was down with her vibe too, though she was preoccupied with hiding her tears after being moved by the soulful performance. "I didn't need to hear that song right now," she said, emotional.

"You're one of the best female voices we've heard," the recently separated female judge insisted, which lit up Lauren Gray's eyes. With that, she had her golden ticket and is off on the yellow brick road to Los Angeles, where she'll compete with 45 other hopefuls who scored passes in St. Louis.

Watch Lauren Gray Perform 'One and Only' on 'American Idol'