The saying 'don't quite your day job' rang true tonight on 'American Idol.' Mark Ingram, an employee at the hotel where the St. Louis auditions took place, popped up in front of Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson with the support of his co-workers -- but ultimately ended up wasting the judges' (and viewers') time.

"Who are all these people?" Jackson wondered aloud, saying what everyone else was thinking, as he scanned the crowd of hotel personnel lined up in front of him.

Ingram -- quite the character in his pinstriped pants uniform, with sweat accumulating on his forehead -- seemed to take no notice of the confusion he was causing, instead launching into his take on Stevie Wonder's 'Overjoyed.' His 'Overjoyed' performance had him warbling off the map with off-pitch, messy vocals and distracting hand movements.

"I think he was great. Go get 'em baby!" one of Ingram's colleagues offered in encouragement as the atrocity wrapped. Sadly for Ingram, she was the only one with that opinion.

"Your voice and melody in keeping that tune was lacking a little bit," Steven Tyler pointed out. Ingram ignored his remarks and coasted back into song before the Aerosmith frontman cut back in with the nicest words he could come up with: "I love everything about you except the melody."

Lopez chimed in then with a polite letdown, saying that she wished she could say yes -- and Jackson straight up said no -- as sweat continued to drip down Ingram's face. Some performers work best with their nerves out on display, but the 'Idol' hopeful's nerves certainly did him no favors at this sad audition.