Nicki Minaj is an opinionated diva, which is what we love about her. However, her outspoken diva antics may be what costs her a second season as a judge on 'American Idol.' While her Minajesty has played coy about whether or not she will be back for Season 13, sources indicate that her return isn't likely because of the drama, drama, drama that surrounds her.

“The chances of Nicki returning to the show next season are slim to none, she is such a major headache with her behavior and it’s really taxing on many people with the crew," a source told Perez Hilton. "So her behavior is wearing thin on many people this season."

Interestingly enough, the Minajinator has always gone out of her way to espouse the virtues of the crew and the family at 'Idol,' so if this source is to be believed, the feeling is not reciprocal.

The fact that Minaj didn't get the boot from Season 12 after battling with fellow judge Mariah Carey during 'Idolgate' is telling, but perhaps the cumulative effect of all the drama -- Twitter rants, calling contestants ridiculous names, being disagreeable with fellow panelists and more -- has caused the rap vixen to wear out her welcome.

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