Nicki Minaj is clearing a few things up: Why she's launching her second MAC lipstick, whether or not she'll go into acting, why she loves doing 'American Idol' and whether or not she's had plastic surgery. Phew! Ready? Set! Go!

When asked what was behind her second collaboration with the makeup giant, Minaj pulled no punches. "I had the No. 1 top selling Viva Glam lipstick of all time," she sassed. "So I figured, hey, let's give it a whirl again!"

She admitted that it's kind of a big step for her for one major reason: she's undergoing a makeover! "This was different for -- it was the first time I wasn't in pink! It's all coming together with my new, different look for 2013. It's just a little more grown and sexy, and less is more."

Don't expect anything too dramatically different, though -- Minaj has never had surgery on her face, despite rumors. "When people see my makeup, they think all sorts of crazy things I'm doing to my skin ... they see contouring and they think I had surgery on my nose. It's just makeup!" she said. "Watch 'RuPaul's Drag Race' and you'll see how you can make your nose look whatever shape you want! I've never had surgery on my face. It's makeup! Come on, people!"

Despite being forever glam in public, Minaj admitted she has her non-glam days -- and that they look like h-e-double-hockey-sticks. "You don't wanna see it," she chuckled. "Scarf on my head, sweatpants, t-shirt, Uggs."

Minaj revealed that in terms of 'Idol,' if she, Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson and Keith Urban were the last remaining contestants and not the judges, she'd win. How? "I'd just stand there and flash my boobs."

As for her feud with Carey, Minaj didn't sound too enthusiastic, telling The New York Post, “All of that has been talked about. We had our differences, but it is all done with now, and we just get in there and do our job.”

Minaj was much more focused on her contestants. “I’m getting closer to the contestants as the competition goes on,” she gushed. “Seeing their parents makes you realize about how this is their dream and how we have to nurture them as much as we can.”

Now that she's made it on TV, is she going to make the jump to the silver screen? “I would love to act, it just has to be the right project, the right movie,” she said. “Nothing stereotypical about a singer.” (Uh oh, is that Carey dig at 'Glitter?') She added, “I have an agent, and we are looking at a couple of scripts, so we’ll see.”

Considering she already has done voiceover work for 'Ice Age 4: Continental Drift' with her pal Drake, expect to see the Harajuku Barbie on the big screen sooner rather than later. It's one place her multiple personalities will come in handy.