Before 'American Idol,' Paul McDonald, like many in Nashville, was trying to make it as the frontman of a band. But since he held tight to make it into the elite Top 8 on 'Idol,' he's gone Hollywood -- and his star-status will continue to grow now that he's rumored to be dating 'Twilight' star Nikki Reed.

According to E! Online, McDonald and Reed have been getting to know each other better since meeting on the red carpet back in March -- and the 'Twilight' actress has dubbed the smiley singer her 'boyfriend.'

You can experience their 'love at first sight' moment in the video below, when the Nashville musician first caught wind of the actress' Hollywood status, after she caught him off-guard and sang his praises during a movie premiere.

"You're amazing. I'm blushing, I should go. Bye!" she told Paul over a month ago, before giving him a shy hug. Afterward, he seemed surprised to find out that she's actually a famous movie star, and said slyly: "I'd hang out with her!"

But since Nikki is filming 'Breaking Dawn' and Paul is on his way to being the next 'American Idol,' it's been virtual dating, via Skype, for the couple so far.

Watch a Clip of When Paul Met Nikki! (Around the :50 Mark)