Dang, that was fast. Raspy voiced singer Paul McDonald may have been voted off 'American Idol' earlier this year, but the singer's personal life is really taking off. After dating for only two months, McDonald and his girlfriend, 'Twilight' star Nikki Reed, are now engaged. E! broke the news of the betrothal on Sunday night.

A hearty congrats is in order for McDonald, 26, and Reed, 23. Reed was seen sporting a rock at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night, which onlookers and media hounds speculated to be an engagement ring. Reed is clearly over the moon about the adorable and incredibly talented McDonald, repeating, "He's the one. He's the one."

McDonald opened up about his budding romance with the actress to UsWeekly around the time of his elimination, saying, "[Nikki's] super cool. She's been real supportive of this whole thing. She's actually pumped up now because she likes my original material way better than all the stuff I do on the show."

McDonald confessed that he was not a 'Twi-hard' before meeting his lady love and that he wasn't a fan from afar, admitting that "I don't know too much of her career at all, but the person she is, is super cool." Clearly, McDonald dug Reed for all the right reasons.

PopCrush wishes the couple a long and happy relationship! We can't wait to hear McDonald's original music, as well.

Watch a Clip of When McDonald and Reed Met (Around the :50 Mark)