For the second round of 'American Idol,’ it was contestant’s choice on the song. Phillip Phillips picked ‘Disease’ by Matchbox 20, which was a comfortable, safe choice for him. Unfortunately, performing that particular song might not have been the right choice for him.

Matchbox 20 is great for Phillips. His version of 'Disease' had a chill feel to it and suited his style perfectly. He nailed the sense of the song with his casual manner and transformed it into a nice ballad. While it’s clear his flirtatious way of performing was a hit with the girls, the song wasn’t a hit with the judges.

None of them wanted to begin their review, but Jennifer Lopez kicked it off by telling Phillips it seemed easy for him. She said they need and want a "wow performance" from him and that just wasn’t it. She also reminded him that he had a chance to redeem himself in the final round. We’ll keep rooting for him.

Steven Tyler was once again in Lopez’s corner. He said, "It wasn’t over the top, but it was Phillip Phillips." Randy Jackson thought it was weird that the judges were all in agreement, but it wasn’t on the positive side. He told Phillips, “I didn’t like it either. You can do those things in your sleep. I wanted a bigger moment from you.”

It wasn’t a great round for Phillips, but he’s still got the audience on his side. Phillips is a crowd pleaser. Tyler saw it. He said, "You better get used to it, because you never will." Phillips was clearly overwhelmed by all the attention he got on his trip home, but the world is ready for him, even if he’s not ready for it.

Watch Phillip Phillips Perform 'Disease' on 'American Idol'