Ramiro Garcia's 'American Idol' audition in Houston demonstrated all that's right with the show. The singer was born without ears, and his parents were told he would never be able to hear or speak, much less sing. However, through a combination of time, science and faith, he was able to hear, thanks to several surgeries, where doctors built an ear canal and found an ear drum. Garcia learned to hear, speak and sing. We grabbed tissues immediately.

Garcia sang 'Amazing Grace,' and you would never, ever think that he had dealt with issues with two of his major senses in his life.

Garcia was spot on and inspiring, and he can sing! Like, he can really sing. It's not like he was marginal or average. He was good. He was unanimously upstreamed to Hollywood and not on a sympathy vote, either. There's such a nice, warm tone to his voice, and he sings like he means it.

What an inspiration. You'd never believe that someone born sans ears and with late developed hearing would be able to handle music so beautifully, but Garcia did. He's already one of our faves.

Watch Ramiro Garcia Sing 'Amazing Grace' on 'American Idol'