Tonight’s episode of ‘American Idol’ (March 20) was a fun one, to say the very least. It was Beatles night, meaning that each of the contestants sang a tune from the vast musical collection of the world-renowned British rockers.

The evening was chock full of talent and diverse personalities. Here's a breakdown of the 9 performances:

Kree Harrison: Read about her performance here.

Burnell Taylor: “You didn’t even sing the song, you caressed it – you treated it like it was a newborn baby,” exclaimed Nicki Minaj after his performance of 'Let It Be.' Taylor later admitted that he wasn’t even all that familiar with the Beatles, but Randy Jackson praised him in spite of that fact. “You didn’t know it, and look at what you did to it – this is the mark of a great singer and a great artist. You made it your own. You found a way to make smart choices,” he said. Mariah Carey said that she was concerned when Taylor confessed to not knowing the song, but his performance made her believe in his talent and potential.

Amber Holcomb: This young singer delivered a powerful version of ‘She’s Leaving Home’ tonight, but admitted a shocking fact: much like Taylor, she’d never heard the song before. “It started a little slow, but at least you found your rhythm,” remarked Jackson. “All things considered, I think you ended it well." After calling the tune his "absolute favorite Beatles song of all time," Keith Urban went on to say, “That song was recorded 46 years ago. You came out and made it sound as fresh as it was just written this week … I thought that was beautiful.”

Lazaro Arbos: His decision to sing 'In My Life' was a risky one, according to producer Jimmy Iovine. Carey critiqued his performance by saying that maybe the song should have been done acoustically, but in the end, it all boiled down to his "courage and perseverance." Minaj commented that he lost a bit of his spark, saying “your confidence is difference now, Lazaro – you gotta pick the right key that’s gonna show your voice. Don’t let anybody tell you what you need to do.” Jackson agreed with her. “I think that was your worst performance ever," he said “Something’s definitely happened for you … Where did the vocals go? I don’t know.”

Candice Glover: Her rocking version of ‘Come Together’ impressed the panelists as well as the crowd. “That rock chick side of you was really cool tonight,” observed Urban. “I thought that was absolutely killer.” Minaj said, “I love your vocal – your vocal is insane, crazy, out of this world.” Her only criticism was that she wants Glover to stick to bring out more attitude while she sings. Jackson was happy to see her do an uptempo song that showcased her “playful side.”

Paul Jolley: The panelists had high hopes for Jolley's performance tonight, but all in all, it was a letdown. Minaj called his rendition of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ “very safe, very bland and forgettable.” Jackson said, “I thought you were disconnected with the song … like you never quite got into it." Carey and Urban were a bit more optimistic, the latter highlighting the "pop-rock edge" to his voice. "I hope, if we hear you again, we get to explore that a little more," he added.

Angie Miller: Read about her performance here.

Devin Velez: Read about his performance here.

Janelle Arthur: This country girl charmed her way into the judges’ hearts yet again with a moving version of ‘I Will.’ “You look like a beautiful swan goddess," stated a very impressed Minaj. "That performance just made me fall so much more deeply obsessed with you … You are great, little girl!” Jackson named it one of the best performances of the night. Carey called her "sweet" and "gorgeous" and said that she gave a "beautiful, elegant performance."

Feel free to browse the videos below -- and be sure to tune in to 'American Idol' tomorrow night (March 21) for an exciting results show!

Watch Burnell Taylor Perform 'Let It Be' on 'American Idol'

Watch Amber Holcomb Perform 'She's Leaving Home' on 'American Idol'

Watch Lazaro Arbos Perform 'In My Life' on 'American Idol'

Watch Candice Glover Perform 'Come Together' on 'American Idol'

Watch Paul Jolley Perform 'Eleanor Rigby' on 'American Idol'

Watch Janelle Arthur Perform 'I Will' on 'American Idol'