After making it through the sudden death rounds, the remaining ‘American Idol’ singers need America’s vote to move on. Tonight’s installment of the show featured performances by ten female contestants and showcased a wide range of diversity and talent.

“It’s bittersweet,” remarked ‘Idol’ judge Keith Urban. “Based on the talent of just tonight alone, America’s going to have a very hard time narrowing it down to five.” Read on to get the lowdown on tonight’s episode.

Zoanette Johnson: She sang an energized version of Tina Turner’s ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It,’ but compared to her jaw-dropping performance last week, her show tonight was a total flop. “Honestly? That was a mess, babe,” said Randy Jackson. If the competition was based on personality alone, then Johnson just might be the clear winner, but this is a singing contest and she really did not deliver.

Breanna Steer: Her heartfelt performance of Beyonce’s ‘Flaws and All’ brought the audience to their feet. Urban praised her for having “tremendous control and beautiful poise.” He went on to state, “You find the right songs that show who you are as a singer.” Nicki Minaj disagreed, saying that it sounded like she was straining the entire time. Jackson commented that the song was a “safe” choice but that he enjoyed it nonetheless.

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Janelle Arthur: Her performance last week was a little shaky, but she made up for it tonight with an amazing rendition of Elvis Presley’s ‘If I Can Dream.’ Urban commended her for having such a classic country voice and blending it with modern vocal runs. Minaj said that it was the “best vocal of the night so far.” Jackson praised her for the “old throwback thing” in her voice, and Mariah Carey was similarly impressed by Arthur’s execution of the song. “I’m so glad America gets to vote tonight because you give me an ‘America’s Sweetheart’ kind of vibe,” she said.

Tenna Torres: She sang ‘Lost’ by Faith Hill and rocked a stylish new ‘do. Urban said, “It’s a big thing tackling a song like that; I think you did a really good job with it.” However, he warned her not to let the camera pull her away from focusing on the song’s emotion. Minaj was sure to compliment her hair – and cleavage – but praised her on her impressive vocal delivery as well. Although Torres made a lot of changes from the original tune, Carey remarked that she liked her take on it and especially enjoyed the richness at the beginning and the fullness of her tone.

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Kree Harrison: Her passionate performance of Faith Hill’s ‘Stronger’ earned her a standing O from Urban and sparked a wild response from the audience. Urban remarked that she fits right in with all of the well-known country music icons. Minaj jokingly referred to Harrison as her "wife" and said, “Your sexiness level went up another notch again … I’m obsessed.” Jackson, who thought he’d already seen all that Harrison had to offer, was stunned by what he heard tonight. “I had no idea your range is that big!” he exclaimed. Carey also offered her thoughtful remarks, praising Harrison for making wonderful song choices and having such a pleasing onstage presence. “There’s an undeniable thing that you have, and I hope you continue to own it no matter what happens.”

Adriana Latonio: The young Alaskan native’s delivery of Destiny’s Child ‘Stand Up For Love’ didn’t do much for the judges. Urban remarked that while she has a very powerful voice, he was nervous about her song choice. Minaj thought that her performance was subpar. “After Angie, Amber and Kree, I would suggest that you work a little bit and come back next year … I think the song was too big for you.” She went on to say that it was “pageanty” and there was no real emotion behind it. Randy Jackson agreed. “You needed to slay it, and that did not happen,” he said.

Candice Glover: Her performance of ‘Ordinary People’ by John Legend was a wonderful way to end the evening. Minaj gave her a respectful salute and said, “That’s it; that’s my comment.” In contrast to Minaj’s practically wordless response, Jackson couldn’t stop gushing about her. “You sang notes that people don’t even understand. I’m learning listening to you.” He then called her one of the best singers in the entire competition. “Thank you for sharing your gift with us,” added Carey.

Well, that’s it for tonight’s recap. Be sure to tune in to ‘American Idol’ tomorrow (March 6) for more performances!

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