Tonight was the final episode of Hollywood Week on 'American Idol,' with the ladies duking it out, vocally speaking. There hasn't been a female winner of 'Idol' in six years, so it's high time that the ladies take it back from the string of males that have watched the 'Idol' crown for almost a decade.

Here some of the 20 females who are moving on to the next phase of Season 12, which is in Las Vegas.

Angela Miller: The Massachusetts teen shared a song she wrote called 'You Set Me Free,' which she sang while playing piano. It was beautifully written and the voice delivering the words was utterly gorgeous. It was a mix of Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys, but with less "pop diva"-ness. It was all about the music. Performing an original song is always a major risk on a show like 'Idol,' which seems ironic, since an artist should be able to showcase their work, as opposed to belting out covers all the time. Miller was rewarded, mightily, with a pass to the next round.

Candice Glover: She sang the aforementioned Keys' most recent hit 'Girl on Fire' with some serious histrionics and massive vocals. You could almost see Keith Urban's perfectly coiffed hair blowing back from the power of her voice and her breath, like that classic Maxell commercial. (What's that, millennials? Watch it here. People used to record music on these things called cassette tapes. They pre-date CDs, which are those discs your fuddy duddy parents play tunes on.)

Janelle Arthur: The 23-year-old, who has auditioned three times in the past, sang Carrie Underwood's 'I Told You So,' and it feels like it could be her time. Finally. She was deemed a future country superstar by the judge's panel.

Zoanette Johnson: She's baaaaack! This larger-than-life diva played the drums and made up her song on stage. She looks a little like Flavor Flav, but with amazing and wild style. She also worked the judges and their names into her free-jazz jam. Her fiery nature keeps getting her upstreamed.

Juliana Chahayed: She sang a crisp version of Fleetwood Mac's 'Landslide.' It was terrific and more is on the way.

Melinda Ademi: She went bluesy with Jessie J's 'Price Tag,' upping the tempo and having fun. She is clearly an artist who picked a song that works with her flow, talent and energy. On an ep of minute-long, somber ballads, she worked it and lifted all our spirits.

Kree Harrison: She attempted Grace Potter's 'Stars,' but not before revealing she lost both of her parents. She blossomed, finally, proving why Urban had fought to keep her in the competition thus far.

So this is just a sampling of the Top 20 females. The Top 20 males were also selected.

It's off to Sin City...

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