The first-ever all-girl top five week of ‘American Idol’ began tonight (April 17), and the ladies performed two songs apiece: one from their birth year, and one from a favorite female powerhouse or diva.

Candice Glover, Janelle Arthur, Kree Harrison, Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb are the last ladies standing in the ‘Idol’ competition. Check out the following recap for the highlights and lowlights of tonight’s episode:


Candice Glover: Her delivery of ‘Straight Up’ by Paula Abdul blew away every single one of the judges. Read more about her performance here.

Janelle Arthur: Her rendition of Vince Gill’s ‘When I Call Your Name’ was spot-on in terms of vocals, and Nicki Minaj was happy to see her back onstage with her guitar. “When you have your guitar, you’re so much more comfortable,” she said. “You were singing with your whole heart for us tonight,” commented Mariah Carey.

Kree Harrison: She stepped a little bit out of her comfort zone to sing ‘She Talks to Angels’ by the Black Crowes – and her performance sparked some more drama between Carey and Minaj. Click here to find out what went down.

Angie Miller: She sang the Pretenders’ ‘I’ll Stand By You’ at the piano and dedicated it to those affected by the recent tragedy in Boston, Mass. She impressed the judges with her heartfelt delivery and thoughtful dedication. Keith Urban remarked that her voice is simply beautiful and makes him want to cry every time.

Amber Holcomb: Holcomb took a risk by performing Carey’s famous cover of ‘Without You.’ “Your singing has grown in leaps and bounds,” said Urban. He went on to call it a “beautiful song choice” and praised her for her amazing vocal delivery. Minaj, on the other hand, criticized Holcomb’s performance, saying that her version of the tune didn't live up to the original. Carey herself was impressed though, so Holcomb got points for that.


Candice Glover: She delivered a truly stunning performance of ‘When You Believe’ by the late Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Minaj showered her with praise, and Randy Jackson called her the “best vocal of the night.” He went on to say that she has “one of the best voices in the known world.” Carey complimented her for doing the song justice.

Janelle Arthur: Her version of Dolly Parton’s ‘Dumb Blonde’ impressed Carey but fell flat with the other judges. Urban remarked that she could have made a much better song choice, and Minaj said that she’s in jeopardy of going home tomorrow.

Kree Harrison: She blew away the panelists with her version of Celine Dion’s ‘Have You Ever Been In Love.’ “I think the key was in a great place for you,” said Carey, and complimented her for showcasing such wonderful versatility.

Angie Miller: She stunned the judges with a clear and beautiful rendition of Beyonce’s ‘Halo.’ Read more about her performance here.

Amber Holcomb: Minaj said that her performance of ‘What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life’ was “simply perfection … Every single note was on point, and you held it like a classy diva should.” Jackson likened Holcomb to a “young Rihanna.” It was a truly challenging song to take on, but according to Urban, she “knocked it out of the park.”

Be sure to tune in to ‘American Idol’ tomorrow night (April 18) to find out who gets eliminated. In the meantime, scroll down to check out some videos from tonight’s episode!

Watch Amber Holcomb Perform ‘Without You’ on ‘American Idol’

Watch Candice Glover Perform ‘When You Believe’ on ‘American Idol’

Watch Kree Harrison Perform ‘Have You Ever Been In Love’ on ‘American Idol’

Watch Amber Holcomb Perform ‘What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life’ on ‘American Idol’