'American Idol' hopeful Reed Grimm, who is also a nanny and whose parents met while they were in a band, has musical roots and is a great performer. How do we know that he is a great performer when we only just met him at the show's first-ever auditions in Pittsburgh?

Well, we didn't know what he would do next when he said he would be performing the theme song to 'Family Matters.' That announcement elicited a raised eyebrow (or three) from the judge's table. However, the singer in the board shorts, who is 26, scatted his way through the song and it was actually quite good. It's like he's this season's Casey Abrams, only less abrasive and with a softer, more accessible vibe.

Grimm, who revealed that he has been singing since he was just a wee lad of 2, had quite a quick audition but his unusual style and ability left a lasting impression. It was also reason enough to get him sent to Hollywood for the next round. We look forward to seeing what else he can do now that he as a golden ticket in hand.

Watch Reed Grimm Perform the 'Family Matters' Theme on 'American Idol'