Reed Grimm planned to go a capella for his 'American Idol' solo performance after Group Week and for Solo Day during the Hollywood round of auditions. However, since the hopefuls are required to sing with the band or play an instrument, he had 30 minutes to come with Plan B. Can you say "Crunch time" for Reed Grimm? It was a sink or swim moment, and by the end, Grimm, 26, was doing the backstroke.

The 'Idol' contestant went through an arrangement of an unnamed and unheard song with the show's musical directors, but something felt off and like it wasn't right. He needed a minute, so he retreated to his room, called his mom, cried and made us think he was going to bow out, but then the lightbulb went off.

Next thing we know, Grimm's taking his seat behind a big drum kit and declaring, "I am the next American Idol because I got something ain't nobody got."

Randy Jackson whispered to Jennifer Lopez that they've "got another Casey here." Grimm actually sings better than last year's scat man Casey Abrams, which is who Jackson was referring to.

Grimm gently tapped the skins while singing 'Georgia on My Mind.' Then, he began to smash them, as his version was a little jazzier than Jen Hirsh, who was torchy with her version of the same song earlier that day.

Randy Jackson chuckled, "Nice, nice. Real music I like it." Obviously, Reed Grimm was upstreamed for another round. Congrats to Grimm and we can't wait to see more of this up-and-coming 'Idol' contestant!

Watch Reed Grimm Perform 'Georgia on My Mind' on 'American Idol'