In just an hour, St. Louis has given us more talent than we've seen all season on 'American Idol,' just about. Reis Kloeckener came ready to battle with a sob story about being bullied in high school, but as it turns out, he didn't need it -- his voice spoke for itself.

For his audition in front of the three famous judges, the heartthrob-to-be played all of his cards with Bill Withers' notable hit, 'Lean on Me.' He nailed it.

Reis shared with thousands of viewers that he was bullied in high school (likely because he was a lot sweeter than his peers) and even had to switch schools. He overcame the turbulence and found his school choir, which gave him the confidence he needed to hit the 'Idol' stage, and good thing he did!

To make it clear, this kid has more soul than we've seen on 'Soul Train' and a cuter face than (dare we say it) Justin Bieber. Reis made Steven Tyler cry, like real tears, which had the hopeful in disbelief. "Don't even say that to me right now, oh my God," the 'Idol' contestant said, unable to grasp what was happening.

He got a yes from Tyler and an equally eager yes from J. Lo, which just left Randy. "Dude, it's a definitely yes for me, too," the hip judge said, adding, "welcome to Hollywood."

Watch Reis Kloeckener Perform 'Lean on Me' on 'American Idol'