You've gotta love the 16-year-olds on 'American Idol,' the youngsters stepping up to the plate of one of the most intimidating stages in the country and singing their hearts out. With nerves running painfully high among the 'Idol' Top 13 tonight, some stars-to-be are ramping up the energetic vibe, while others are losing their cool in the spotlight. Unfortunately, super young Shannon Magrane, who sang Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing,' missed her opportunity to shine.

Dressed in sequined black leggings and a leather jacket covering a neon blue and pink shirt (a stylish nod to the Houston-dominated '80s), Magrane took a stab at the pop queen's 'I Have Nothing.' Though she hit some spot-on moments, the beloved blond kept falling back into a string of flat notes. Every time she reached for something especially big, she just couldn't quite get there -- most noticeably, perhaps, during the biggest point in the song in what was supposed to be an epic Houston key change.

Still, the songstress looked like she was remaining calm, smiling and continuing in her performance right until the end. When it was all over, Jennifer Lopez empathetically voiced what everyone in the audience was dying to say.

“Sweet baby," she offered with an all-knowing tone. "I think the thinking got the best of you a little bit on that one. You can sing that song … We didn’t get to hear that here tonight.” Encouraging the young singer in her abilities, J. Lo advised her not to rush the big notes and to "just tell the story," adding, "That's what you have to do when you get up there."

"I think your nerves got the best of you baby," Steven Tyler chimed in like a dad talking to his disappointed teen. "It’s a huge song, and you kind of crashed and burned on the turnaround.” With a good-natured smile, Magrane urged, “I didn’t get to show you guys tonight, but I can sing my butt off on that song," seeming to grasp that she didn't sing anything off tonight. It remains to be seen if America takes pity on the talented young teen or gives her the boot for missing the mark.

Watch Shannon Magrane Perform 'I Have Nothing' on 'American Idol'