Symone Black fell off the stage after performing on 'American Idol' last night. She took a hard header, and was knocked out by the tumble. During the scare, when it was unclear exactly how badly Black was injured, her fellow contestants circled in prayer backstage for her. What a sweet show of solidarity in the earliest stages of 'Idol.'

Jennifer Lopez got down on the floor and the mother of twins went into mom mode, hovering over Black and asking her if she was doing alright. Despite the traumatic fall, Black was okay, which we figured, since it's not like the producers could air the fall if something tragic had happened to Symone.

The teen was tended to by medics, judges, producers and her father, post-fall. After she regained consciousness and was given a beverage, she was taken to the hospital for further evaluation. Of course a camera followed her during her trek to a doctor's care, where she expressed her desire to continue on in the competition. This girl is a fighter and she's got spirit.

Symone said all that she could recall was the fact that Randy asked her a question and then she passed out. These Hollywood tryouts are tough on the body and soul, so we're not surprised that Symone Black had an episode. She probably had a case of nerves, didn't eat right and her body reacted.

We're glad she's okay and she actually got her wish and made it to the next round. With a dehydration diagnosis, Symone made it to group day and had to work her way in.