This just in. The 'American Idol' judges have chosen the Top 24 finalists from Season 10. They are as follows:

Naima Adedapo: With a blue dress and a flower in her hair, she was deemed inconsistent but "different and unique." She isn't going back to cleaning toilets at venues any time soon.

Clint Jun Gamboa: With his clean cut looks and serial killer specs, this Travie McCoy-Bruno Mars hybrid is propelled by his vocal range.

Haley Reinhart: They turned her down last year, but the big-haired girl with the big voice won't be denied in 2011.

Paul McDonald: This low-profile rhinestone-of-a-cowboy -- we haven't seen much of him on camera -- possesses the quirkiness that might be the thing that makes him a star, so say the judges.

Ashthon Jones: Jennifer Lopez says she has the whole package  -- the ability to sing, dance and exude confidence -- that the judges are looking for, and therefore deserves a chance.

Karen Rodriguez: She went after Lopez's heart, singing Lopez's hit 'If You Had My Love' and a Selena song. She played her cards right … And did we mention she's uber-talented?

Robbie Rosen: He overcame a childhood disability and because he is "unassuming and doesn't know his genius" -- according to Randy Jackson -- this crooner is moving forward.

TaTynisa Wilson: She is emotional, and Tyler senses her "sweet emotion" every time she opens her mouth.

Julie Zorrilla: The piano player has been an early favorite since we met her. She's talented and distractingly beautiful.

Scott McCreery: Country music's great teenage hope this season takes his deep voice another round.

Tim Halperin: He sang an original song and it paid off, even though he asked J. Lo her age in the beginning.

Jovany Barreto: Smooth crooners are favorites this season. He's leaving the shipyard behind and said so on his long walk. He also tells Ryan Seacrest he is ready to "rock 'n' roll."

Lauren Turner: Housekeeping will be a thing of the past for Turner, who's moving onward and upward.

Rachel Zevita: She tried out on Season 6, but has changed her look and her style significantly and that persistence finally paid off as she attempts to show who she truly is.

Kendra Chantelle: Her rendition of Alicia Keys' 'Fallin' made the judges fall for her.

Jordan Dorsey: He's the music teacher that J. Lo fought for the whole way through -- known for schooling fellow contestants.

Lauren Alaina: They christened her as possibly "The One" from the moment she opened her mouth, so she is a no-brainer for moving on.

Stefano Langone: "That's a talented kid," J. Lo says on tonight's show. She also calls him "amazing" after he performed his own song.

Jacob Lusk: Aside from his overly emotional histrionics, he boasts an arena-filling voice. Lusk offered up one of the best-ever performances -- according to Randy -- singing 'God Bless the Child.'

Pia Toscano: She's a pretty, raven-haired girl with a mammoth voice who looks like early favorite and already cut Paris Tassin.

James Durbin: He's a "lightning bolt" who disappointed Steven Tyler by singing Aerosmith's 'Dream On' better than Tyler himself.

Casey Abrams: The "fearless" Seth Rogen lookalike just wanted to hug the judges if they upstreamed him. He got his wish and the trio got a bear hug.

Thia Megia: J. Lo says everything she does is natural, so naturally, she's a finalist.

Brett Loewenstern: With his Sideshow Bob red hair, he was the last approval. He will be bullied no more.