For the millions of Americans who begged William Hung to keep his day job, you're in luck! The notorious 'American Idol' castoff scored a gig with the L.A. Sheriff's Department.

TMZ reports that Hung is now a technical crime analyst. This means Hung analyzes statistics and patterns in crimes to prevent more from happening later -- not to be confused with a criminalist (who does all that fun forensic work on crime scenes).

The work is a pretty distant cry from Hung's previous dream of pop stardom. Despite an abysmal 'American Idol' audition, Hung's positive attitude and novelty made him a household name. Hung scored himself a record deal, a movie role in Hong Kong, a documentary film, commercials and innumerable guest and cameo appearances on television.

It's still hard to tell if Hung was ever in on the joke, but kudos to him for consistently doing things he loves. If anyone ever needs stats on crimes against their eardrums, we know just who to call.

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