The quirky, bold and talented Zoanette Johnson owned the stage of ‘American Idol’ tonight (Feb. 27) with a jaw-dropping delivery of Elton John’s ‘Circle of Life.’ Originally from Liberia, the singer often feels like a fish out of water, but she's sure to leave a lasting mark wherever she goes.

Her rendition of the famous tune from ‘The Lion King’ received a standing O from the ‘Idol’ judges. Her passionate energy was contagious, earning her a wildly enthusiastic response from the audience as well.

“Forget the king of the jungle … Hail to the queen!” shouted Keith Urban. Nicki Minaj was touched past the point of engaging in her usual playful banter – in fact, she was moved to tears. “You’re the person we’re gonna remember after tonight … you’re unforgettable, you’re a superstar! The song matches who you are.”

The panelists all agreed that the song was a perfect fit for her personality. “That spirit that you have is really the spirit of a lion and a champion – it’s infectious,” said Randy Jackson. “We’re all up here feeling something.” Mariah Carey topped off the flow of praise by saying, “I’m so proud and happy for you. It’s almost like your spirit is too big to be contained and that’s what you wanted to give to everybody tonight.”

‘Idol’ certainly hasn’t been an easy road for Johnson so far, but we’re happy to see her moving on to the next leg of the competition. After her performance tonight, she deserves it.