Happy Wednesday! Someone on America's Got Talent got shot in the neck with a flaming arrow during last night's (August 2) live episode while he had a different arrow unceremoniously jammed down his throat. It's like: Will Friday ever get here???

Daredevil team Ryan Stock and AmberLynn, who have previously *~~*charmed*~*~ audiences by swallowing electric drills and sticking sharp scissors into nose cavities, upped the ante for the game's quarter finals by adding fire. In the clip above, the duo navigates a gimmicky '50s scene decorated with vintage wallpaper and black and white TV as they prep the audience for an especially big stunt. 

Ryan Stock then warms up, as one does, by shoving a curved sword and arrow down his throat. Then, he jams a second arrow with a target on its end into his innards before AmberLynn takes aim from atop a ladder, readies her flaming arrow and shoots at him.

She misses, strikes him in the neck and the clip cuts short as judges Simon Cowell, Mel B and Heidi Klum look on in horror.

Stock tweeted not long after to assure audiences he was okay, and later explained to Front Row Live that when stunt work is considered, mistakes are bound to happen once in a while.

"Things go wrong, they don't usually go wrong on stage or live on television, but it was pretty exciting," Stock said, adding that because of the way the arrow misfired, he was spared death (nice!). "Normally when I do that stunt, the arrow actually goes down my throat...and it shoots pyrotechnics out, but we had an equipment malfunction."

Check out the clip above and remember that basket weaving can still be a real thrill under the right circumstances.

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