On Tuesday's 'America's Got Talent,' Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. decided to do things his own way. Sporting a sleek and sophisticated white suit with a grey shirt and tie, the West Virginia hopeful rocked a unique performance of Sinatra's 'I Did It My Way,' which had the judges in the palm of his hand.

"You sang that absolutely from the heart. I can tell you now, that is the marker," judge Piers Morgan told Landau after he wrapped up his signature artist's song. "That is a million dollar performance."

Sharon Osbourne was anything but critical, and echoed the first commentary. She told Landau, "You gave me goosebumps. I swear to you, goosebumps. It was perfectly sung."

So deal or no deal? Howie Mandel seemed to believe that the deep-voiced aspiring star snatched the win with his Sinatra number. Howie said, "There's a real good chance that you just sealed the deal," which resulted in a big cheer from the audience.

Voting is now open, and should Landau win big on 'America's Got Talent,' he says he wants to "live life the way we should be living it."

On tomorrow night's (September 14) season finale episode, Landau will duet with the legendary Patti LaBelle.

Watch Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. Perform Frank Sinatra's 'I Did It My Way'