It's been two years since we last heard from Ameriie, record wise. So what has she been up to? In short, the lovely R&B songbird has been experiencing love and life.

In 2009, after releasing 'Love & War,' Ameriie took a break from the music scene to enjoy her life with then fiancé Lenny Nicholson. This past June, after seven years of courtship, the couple were married on the island of Aguilla in the British West Indies.

Happily married and focused, Ameriie is working on her fifth studio album titled 'Cymatika Vol. 1.' On the LP, the Grammy-nominated singer plans to talk about love and how it affects the human spirit. "Relationships are very important to talk about but I also want to go a little deeper in to what it is that makes us human and what we have in common," she explains to Billboard. "Not just only from a romantic aspect, but what it is that makes us tick. I consider myself to be a very spiritual person. I love science, I love quantum physics and metaphysics. I just wanted to put that into my music."

Ameriie, who changed her name originally from Amerie in 2010 to reflect positive energy, has lined up several producers for the project including Andre Harris (of Dre & Vidal) and Riley Urick. The 30-year-old songbird hasn't ruled out of possibly working with her former hit-making collaborator Rich Harrison again. "We spoke about it not too long ago and I think we wanted to do something with this project," she says. "I think that would be something a lot of people have been waiting for and something we're ultimately going to do. It's just a matter of when and in what way. We have great energy. We're going to have to have a block of time where we can sit and really create."

The first single from 'Cymatika' will be 'Firestarter,' which is due to hit radio in late summer. Ameriie is optimistic that her longtime fans will embrace her new journey that she's taking with her music. "It was a lot of things that I believe, feel, and my outlook on life put into this album," she says. "It's in the lyrics, it's in the song structure [and] it's in the vocal approach. I'm really excited about sharing it."

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