Amy Brumfield may live in a tent in the woods, and may not even own a TV, but that doesn't mean she's not 'American Idol' worthy.

The spirited 24-year-old Tennessee native showed the judges what she is made of during tonight's two-hour audition special, after coming to Savannah, Ga. with little more than a donated outfit and a will to win.

Saying that Amy lives in a tent in the woods is not a joke -- she shares a small tarp covering with her boyfriend, literally just scraping by. If there's anyone who needs a break courtesy of 'American Idol,' she's the one. The admittedly-happy soul sister delivered a rousing performance of a song that could have been written about her, Alicia Keys' 'Superwoman.'

Amy came sporting her signature 'American Idol' outfit, thanks to her boyfriend's mother, which she said was the nicest outfit she'd ever had the pleasure of wearing. But what was really a pleasure was hearing her sing -- and apparently, the judges agreed. They sent her through to Hollywood with 100% certainty.

Watch Amy Brumfield Sing Alicia Keys' 'Superwoman' on 'American Idol'