Contestants on reality competition shows are usually required to sign confidentially agreements about pre-taped segments, so that eliminations and results that aren't live remain a surprise to viewers. Looks like 'American Idol' wannabe Amy Brumfield AKA 'Tent Girl,' who did such a good job with her rendition of an Alicia Keys song at the Savannah auditions, broke that rule and revealed that she has already been eliminated from the show. We just haven’t seen it yet.

In a move that will likely have producers taking action if a contract that demands silence about one's status on the show was signed, Brumfield leaked her elimination via a Facebook post, which the astute Starz Uncut found. Brumfield apparently got the axe during the group day segment.

She posted: "OH MAN, it Feel sooo good to be home!! i never thought i would say this but i missed Tennessee…. WHAT!?!?!?!" She also posted: "you guys should know i don’t work well with others… group day i got eliminated."

That's gotta have producers hopping mad.

On another note, it's a bum out since Brumfield showed promise. She is in a bad financial situation, living in a tent because that's all she can afford, so 'Idol' could have been a bridge to something else for her. It was also revealed that she has an extensive arrest record, with her being cuffed on many occasions due to drinking incidents.

So if her Facebook status update posts were accurate, Amy Brumfield is not going on to the live performances.