For all the skeptics who insist you'll never land a meet-cute at a neighborhood coffee shop, Amy Schumer's here to prove it's possible. She's also here to prove it can all go down in flames.

The Inside Amy Schumer standout, who will open for Madonna at select Rebel Heart tour dates, came back swinging on last night's episode after a brief hiatus. In the "Foam" sketch, Amy's character finds herself in a back-and-forth flirt-fest with a barista, who spelled out his feelings for the comedian in the foam that tops her lattes. Where words fail...

What starts with a decorative milk-fern on an otherwise unremarkable Monday in the clip above evolves into an intricate lactate-rose by Tuesday and, days later, a perfect heart. Finally, after a well-received penis-depiction on Thursday, Amy arrives at the shop on Friday to find herself on the receiving end of a foam-proposal. Considering the couple's silent chemistry, it's no surprise she accepts — but soon, like milk that's left out a little too long, the connection appears to sour.

Previously as reliable as the rising sun, the betrothed barista is suddenly MIA behind the coffee shop's counter and, when he does return to his perch, he spells out his discontent in a dissatisfied milky rendering of a humorless emoticon. Things go from bad to worse, and soon, the serendipitous lovers seem like total strangers. So, will they land on their feet, or be forced to toss out their steamy affair like a collection of old grounds?

Check out the sketch, and remember: flirting is fun, but a good barista is forever.