In 2015, Amy Schumer's unapologetic views on sex make her a hero. In 17th century Salem, Massachusetts, they make her a probable convict who's eligible for being burned at the stake.

On the latest episode of Inside Amy Schumerthe comedian re-imagined the Salem Witch Trials with she and a pal — played by hilarious, NSFW performer Bridget Everett — as the accused. In the clip above, the small town's men come out en masse to peg Schumer as a sex-crazed demon who's left them with various loin-related ailments.

One man recounts returning home from the tavern that employs the ladies with dark welts on his neck and admits "My member hath been cursed!" Amy and her pal smugly toast to the story while the accusations keep piling on.

"I patronized their tavern a month ago, and since then, my plow has been riddled with pox," another shouts through cries from a packed courtroom of bloodthirsty townspeople.

Having heard the many allegations, the trial's judge appears to have no choice but to sentence the ladies to death. So, what to do when you're looking down the barrel of the gun? Seduce the arbiter of the law, too! It may not be actual dark magic, but it's certainly effective all the same.

Check out the clip to see a side of Puritanism The Crucible could never offer.

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