Amy Winehouse's struggles were quite public, but now Alan Woodhouse, an NME journalist who was close to the singer in the beginning of her career, says fame "consumed" the late 27 year old.

"A few years ago I bumped into her at the Hawley Arms in Camden with her big beehive and all her tattoos," Woodhouse tells Us Weekly. "She was drunk, but she looked like a different person. She sounded the same -- the same north London accent -- but she wasn't the same person … The fame thing was just too big for her."

Woodhouse went on, saying her celebrity proved to be something she couldn't handle. "She was just a pretty ordinary north London girl," he continues. "She had an incredible gift but I don't think she realized how big she was going to make it … It just consumed her, and there was no way she could deal with it. Can you imagine going out and literally everybody knowing who you are? She was so massive all over the world."

Three days after her passing, Winehouse was laid to rest at the Edgwarebury Cemetery in North London on Tuesday, with friends like Mark Ronson and Kelly Osbourne in attendance. The cause of death has not yet been determined.

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