Amy Winehouse's dad Mitch says he's been forced to give back donations for a proposed charity in Amy's name because someone else registered an Amy Winehouse Foundation, keeping him from officially setting up the organization.

As reported by Rolling Stone, Mitch wrote on Twitter, "Instead of concentrating on allocating funding I am having to send cheques [sic] back cos we don't haven't got bank ac in that name." Mitch also wrote that the person who registered the foundation had contacted Amy's ex-husband: "This person was offering to sell [the] name on [a] website. We have got this withdrawn. He was also trying to get in touch with Blake to set up the foundation. Blake? Can you imagine?"

Mitch has been trying to drum up a public support against the individual who registered the Winehouse Foundation name, and it appears his efforts may be working. Yesterday, he tweeted, "It seems we have got our foundation back. I will update you all tomorrow. Very positive," so we'll probably get more information soon regarding this new development.

Mitch's proposed foundation would offer assistance to those dealing with substance abuse. He says that Amy stopped using drugs prior to her death, and toxicology tests confirmed she had no drugs in her system when she died.