Now that's what we call a clerical error and a fireable offense! A confidential report regarding the death of singer Amy Winehouse, who passed away on July 23 at the age of 27 due to undetermined causes, was accidentally sent to a complete stranger. It was intended for the 'Rehab' singer's family.

Whoever f---ed that up has surely committed an offense that amounts to grounds for dismissal! That's an egregious error that certainly violates the Winehouse family's privacy. Given the public's interest in Winehouse's death due to her level of fame, if this type of sensitive information fell into the wrong hands, it could have been a PR nightmare for authorities and the family, to say the least.

The BBC reports that the file, which is said to explain some of the circumstances of Winehouse's death, was delivered to an incorrect address on Friday, per Scotland Yard. The report was handed over to a police station in North London that night. That sounds like good news -- let's hope the information contained within is not used nefariously by whomever received it accidentally.

An investigation has since been launched. A Scotland Yard rep issued a statement, saying: "Police were informed that material relating to a forthcoming inquest may have been delivered to an incorrect address. Inquiries are now under way to establish the full circumstances of this matter."

The inquest into Winehouse's death is set to pick up later this week.