Reg Traviss, the movie director who was singer Amy Winehouse's boyfriend at the time of her tragic death, has been deluged with offers to make a biopic about the singer. However, the pain is too acute for him and he has refused the requests.

Even though Traviss, who was in a relationship with the singer for two years, is turning down offers to lens a film on his beloved, he did tell the Mirror that he believes that a biopic about the tragic singer, who died on July 23 at age 27 from alcohol overconsumption, is "inevitable." He said, "I have been asked but I honestly don't think I could do it. I'd be too close to it. But whoever does write and direct the film may exaggerate certain points to make it more 'Hollywood.'"

Indeed, Traviss' personal relationship with the singer would prevent him from being objective and he would want to avoid dosing the story with drama in order to fill up the multiplex seats. It is probably best for him to avoid doing a film about Winehouse, at least right now.

He continued, "The family would want to be involved to make sure that it’s done justice. But right now it’s all too raw."

Dealing with Winehouse's death is still a struggle for Reg. He said he is "taking each day as it comes. "I feel I’m living a horrible daydream that I just want to snap out of, but can’t." Winehouse's legion of fans share in that pain.