Numbers don't lie, that's for sure. Amy Winehouse's personal fortune was devalued to around £2 million, according to newly published reports. That's about $3.4 million when you convert it to US dollars. The NME reports that the financial shrinkage is due to the fact that the late singer, who passed on July 23 in London, went on a reported drug and alcohol binge before her untimely death.

Winehouse had landed on The Sunday Times Rich List back in 2008, with estimates of her fortune ranging around £10 million at that time. However, reports were published over the weekend that indicated that Winehouse had squandered a good chunk of her finances.

The singer's Cherry Westfield company was worth £2,004,963 at the end of last November, while her CW Touring company tallied around £8,032. That last figure equals about $13,000 in US currency. The Daily Star suggests that Winehouse dipped into her bank accounts to support her drinking and drug habits. Her father, Mitch Winehouse, adamantly declared that his daughter was free of drugs and working on becoming clean from alcohol at the time of her death at 27.

A source said, "Even though Amy spent thousands on drink, drugs and hangers-on, she was still a rich young woman. Had she beaten her issues with drink, she would almost certainly have lived a worry-free and comfortable life. It is sad that having beaten drugs, she never got a chance to enjoy the money she worked so hard to produce."

Obviously, those comments are purely speculative at this point, since the cause of death has yet to be determined. That, combined with her father's public comments about Winehouse's improved health and seeming ability to conquer the addictions that plagued her much of her life, suggest otherwise. However, the figures do indicate that she was spending the money she had accrued. Perhaps it was on substances before she was able to kick them? Perhaps it was other "stuff?" We don't know.

Winehouse would have been 28 on Sept. 14.