Amy Winehouse left her mark on the world in a very lasting way: through her music. In March, the soulful singer met up with the legendary Tony Bennett to exchange lines on a track called 'Body and Soul,' and their session was caught on video tape, which was later turned into the last Amy Winehouse video that will ever surface.

The premise is simple, being that it's just Tony and Amy together in the studio, singing their respective lines into their respective mics. But behind the practicality, the 'Body and Soul' video is much more than that. As we watch, we can't help but be inspired by Amy's happy smiles and the pair's slightly flirtatious glances, as if they were in a world of their own while recording this project for Tony's 'Duets' album.

The whole video feels very home movie, and the way it tosses from color to black and white gives it an extra dose of powerful. But the most impacting part of this video is how it holds onto Amy's life. She's completely full of it as she performs with Tony, and it's hard to believe that she left us so young, at the age of 27.

Watch the Amy Winehouse and Tony Bennett 'Body and Soul' Video