The late Amy Winehouse says singing with Tony Bennett was a joy in brand-new, behind-the-scenes footage of the singers at work in the studio recording their duet 'Body and Soul.'

The two-minute clip shows the vocalists standing together recording the track, with commentary from Winehouse mixed in. She says, "The first time I met Tone ... Can I call him Tone? Thanks. Should you ask him first?"

Winehouse describes her father's reaction when he found out she would be performing 'Body and Soul' with Bennett: "'It's only my favorite song in the world you're gonna sing. Oh my God! Do you even know it?' I go, 'Of course I know it. I'm your daughter! Of course I know it.'"

She continues, "It was really exciting he chose that song because I do love it. It's such a beautifully written song, and it's a song that you can do a lot with. So I was really excited to sing that. The ending just worked out perfect. Us singing together, it just blended perfectly. It couldn't have been better."

Winehouse fans will be thrilled to see that the last song she recorded was one she was deeply passionate about. The full video for 'Body and Soul' premieres on September 14. The track appears on Bennett's upcoming 'Duets II' album.

Watch Amy Winehouse Discuss Her 'Body and Soul' Duet with Tony Bennett