This is quite a big get for Anderson Cooper. The white-haired TV journalist has notched the first interview with the late Amy Winehouse's family and boyfriend since her death on July 23. The interview will air on the premiere episode of Cooper's new chat show 'Anderson,' which debuts on Sept. 12. Coincidentally, the interview airs a mere two days before what would have been the singer's 28th birthday.

Cooper will speak with Winehouse's bereft father Mitch, her grieving mother Janis, her brother Alex, and her boyfriend Reg Traviss. The intimate details of the interview have not yet been revealed. However, let's hope Cooper doesn't lob softballs at the family. We're sure he can manage to be journalistic and compassionate at the same time.

Mitch Winehouse has remained visible in the press since his daughter's death. He has been lobbying to create a foundation in his late daughter's name, all the while battling with the crafty person who registered the name and web domain while Papa Winehouse was grieving and mourning his late daughter. He is also adamant that his daughter had kicked her drug habit and was working on getting clean when she died, so there is plenty for him to speak about.

To find out when the interview airs, go here, enter your zip code and it'll spit out details for you.

Winehouse's cause of death is still up in the air, as initial reports were inconclusive.