Fans that have being holding court at Amy Winehouse's London home were "rewarded" for their unwavering dedication and devotion to the late singer. Sources report that her father, Mitch Winehouse, returned to his daughter's former abode on Thursday and gave the fans some of the singer's clothes and other possessions. Fans have been camping out around Winehouse's residence since news of her death broke last weekend.

Mr. Winehouse has been incredibly appreciative of and moved by the fans who have been showing their love for his daughter. They are sharing their grief, which has to make this difficult time a little bit easier. On Monday, he thanked fans that left flowers at the location and when he returned on Thursday to collect some of his daughter's personal effects with her mother Janis and boyfriend Reg Traviss, he began handing some of her stuff out to the gathered crowd.

Some lucky Winehouse fans received vests worn by the singer, as well as other items like sunglasses and trinkets. His rationale for sharing a piece of Winehouse with the fans? "It's what she’d have wanted," the grieving father said. Now fans can hold onto a piece of Winehouse courtesy of these items.

The family, however, collected her guitars and her lyric books, among other items.

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