It is nearly impossible, at this point in time, to be a fully involved and conscious United States citizen and not have an opinion on the shocking results of the 2016 presidential election. Bravo host Andy Cohen is the latest to offer his, while also sharing a particularly negative past experience he had with president-elect Donald Trump.

Cohen -- who severed as host for Trump's Miss Universe pageant in the past -- appeared on The Jess Cagle Interview, where he named "Donald Trump becoming president” as his recurring nightmare, before launching into a story about Trump.

"It was in my deal that I wouldn’t be photographed with him, because I didn’t want to be associated with him," Cohen said of his overall feelings about the former reality star. "He offered me a ride home from Vegas on his plane and I chose to fly commercially instead, because I got such a bad vibe off of him."

But it wasn't until Trump moved the Miss Universe pageant to Russia -- which passed several anti-LGBTQ laws -- that he considered dropping his hosting gig entirely.

“I said, ‘I’m not comfortable because all these laws have passed in Russia,’” Cohen said, of a letter he wrote to Trump about the move. “‘I feel not truthful standing up there talking about what a great place Russia is, as a gay man, and would you consider moving it?’“

Shortly after the news broke that Cohen had turned down the hosting opportunity, Trump responded -- to the press.

"[He] called Page Six and told them that I had never been offered the job,” Cohen revealed.

But Cohen maintains he’s not “rooting against” the president-elect.

“I hope that we can all come together,” he said, offering vague optimism during a time that seems so bleak. “I want him to succeed because if he succeeds, our country succeeds, and I hope he gets jobs for everybody.”

But, Cohen continued, he also wants Trump to improve the lives of “the people for whom life is not good, and I hope he does. But if he f—ks with my civil liberties, that’s when I’m gonna have a problem. And I just don’t want him to be a bigot. I think they need to take his Twitter away."

Check out Andy Cohen's full interview via PEOPLE in the video above.

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