Angela Moore and Chet Hunter are back, guys!

Trina McGee and Blake Clark will reprise their roles as Shawn Hunter's ex-girlfriend and late father, respectively, in Season 2 of 'Girl Meets World,' Variety reports. The actors are set to appear in an episode titled 'Girl Meets Hurricane.'

Fans, of course, will remember that Shawn and Angela were on-and-off for several years before eventually calling things off for good. But could their reunion reignite a spark in their romance? Here's hoping...

As for Chet Hunter, a character who passed away from a heart attack in Season 6 of the parent series, he will appear through memories and as a "subconscious guide," much like he did in the later seasons of 'Boy Meets World.' Rider Strong -- Shawn Hunter himself -- will also be featured in the episode.

Variety reports that the ep will be directed by Alan Matthews -- er, we mean William Russ.

Season 2 is also set to feature guest appearances from Will Friedle (Eric Matthews) and William Daniels (Mr. Feeny). We're so freaking ready.

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