We've got a new development in Justin Bieber's MonkeyGate 2013. The latest word is that the German animal shelter who is caring for Biebs' primate, Mally, would like the pop superstar to pay for the monkey's care.

The monkey is a permanent resident of Germany now, but the shelter who is keeping her safe is asking for some money from Bieber to care for his former pet. According to E! Online, a spokesperson for the Munich shelter would not disclose how much they were asking for, but some are estimating it could be a few thousand dollars (aka chump change) for the Biebs.

We don't think this claim is absolutely outrageous seeing as Mally is not only being well-cared for, but the shelter took in the monkey as an act of good-will when it came to light that she would not be able to leave the country with her owner. Plus, it's not like they are running some multi-million dollar operation! Animal shelters are not typically wildly profitable, so the operation is probably stretching their resources thin by caring for Mally. Help some people out, Biebs!

We have yet to hear a happy ending for any of Justin Bieber's pets -- or rather a story where his animals have remained with their rightful owner for a long period of time. The 'All Around the World' singer gifted his hamster to a fan and sold the snake he walked the VMA red carpet with. Justin is young, but he should start taking responsibility for his fine furry friends. It's the right thing to do!

C'mon, Biebs! Have some compassion for the animals!